Topcut Firewood Pricelist

The firewood market fluctuates with the season, winter being the highest. At Topcut we prefer to take a steady path without wild swings.

To place an order ring (03) 686-4875 24 hrs / 7 days, you will also be able to select a delivery time to suit.

Available for delivery

Please ring to place an order and organise a suitable time. We have no Oregon left however Larch is rated slightly better burning to Oregon.

Wood Yard per m 3 m3 4 m3 6 m3 10 m3 Condition
Larch 13" $107 $353 $465 $675 $1125 Dry
Pine 13" $84 $286 $376 $542 $903 Dry
Pine 8" $95 $319 $420 $608 $1013 Dry
Pine / Larch mix 13" $96 $320 $421 $609 $1015 Dry

Available from Topcut Shed, 39 Rothwell St Timaru

Wood can be purchased from shed at 39 Rothwell St Timaru. We MAY be open at lunch-time please ring Don 027 223 4242 to arrange a time. We have EFTPOS facilities on-site.

Unit Larch Pine Larch / Pine
Measured trailer (per m3) $107 $84 $96
Per scoop $129 $109 -
Small Boot Load $50 $42 -
Large Boot Load $70 $60 -

WINZ Quotes

If you wish to obtain a WINZ quote, ring Topcut Firewood (03) 686-4875 with your details and a quote will be sent directly to WINZ. If you accept the quote please ring Topcut Firewood again to organise a delivery time. Because the WINZ grant doesn't always fill the wood bin the quote includes an additional cash amount to fill the bin.

Terms of Trade

  1. Cash on delivery or Internet Banking payment pre-delivery.
  2. All legal and debt collection costs will be payable by the account holder.
  3. Goods remain the property of Topcut Firewood until paid for.