Welcome to Topcut Firewood

At Topcut we buy logs that will give good heating qualities and cut firewood early to give as much drying time as possible. The firewood is heaped into long windrows to catch the sun and allow the wind to get through. In South Canterbury this generally works well, however it is all outside and rainy seasons can be a frustration. We can cover the Pine firewood with a huge cover but this encourages sweating and fungal growth. Oregon and larch on the other hand are about 4 times more resistant to absorbing moisture than pine and therefore don’t require covering, they also resist fungal growth. Shed storage of firewood is an expensive option that would add $20-30 per cubic metre to the cost. There is no need for customers to pay this price if they buy their firewood early and store it effectively.

About Us

Topcut Firewood started with the purchase of a small firewood business in February 2001 and has grown to be one of the main suppliers of firewood in the Timaru area. We have designed and built our own specialized cutting and splitting machinery to process reject logs from forestry. This is all done on our site at 1127 Beaconsfield Road. We do not go off site and harvest trees, our focus is to process logs into firewood, dry it and deliver it. We are continually finding ways to improve our methods to produce clean dry firewood.

At Topcut we:

  • Produce and sell quality firewood for fair reward.
  • Provide a customer focused delivery service
  • Make every effort to describe the condition of our firewood fairly. Recent weather conditions can impact on this.
  • Cut firewood blocks to fit the fireplace. Smaller fireplaces may require some splitting.
  • Make deliveries at the time agreed or contact the customer.
  • Put right what goes wrong and move on.